Social Wellness

The ability to relate to and connect with other people in our world


20 Effective Communication Techniques to Start Using Today

Conflict Resolution Skills

Dale Carnegie's 10 Tips for Improving Your Social Skills

Managing Conflict With Humor

SEL for Adults: Social Awareness and Relationship Skills

Small Ways to Deepen Your Friendships

Tips for Building a Healthy Relationship

Why Teaching About Social Justice Matters (

Audio and Video

Blame (3 min video by Brené Brown)

Building a Resilient Family (9 min video)

Empathy (3 min video by Brené Brown)

How Miscommunication Happens (and how to avoid it) (5 min video Katherine Hampsten)

How to Deal with Conflict (short 2 min video from Litmos Heroes) 

Introversion (3 min video by Susan Cain)

Street Compliments (3 min video by SoulPancake)

Under the Surface (powerful, 4 min video on cultivating empathy)

Websites and Other Media

CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning) Supports educators and policy leaders.

Greater Good in Education - School Relationships: Practices for fostering a positive school climate where students and staff feel connection and belonging.

School Tools: The tools here are useful for resolving conflicts in school and daily personal settings.

Test Your Emotional Intelligence Quiz (Greater Good in Education, UC Berkeley)

Udemy (FREE communication courses and tutorials)