Emotional Wellness

The ability to understand ourselves and cope with the changes life can bring


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25 Tips to Reduce Teacher Burnout

The Complete Anxiety Guide: How to Live Anxiety-Free

The Complete Depression Guide: How to Free Yourself

Coping After Disaster

Filling our Cups: 4 Ways People of Color can Foster Mental Health and Practice Restorative Healing 

How to Control Anger: 25 Tips to Help You Stay Calm

How Your Emotions Affect Your Health

Journaling: How to Start a Journaling Practice

Mind Quiz: Test Your Mental Health Knowledge

Social Media Affects on Mental Health

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Audio and Video

3 Minute Mindful Breathing to Reduce Stress (video)

10 Minute Meditation for Anxiety (video)

How Can We Support the Emotional Well-Being of Teachers? (11 min TED Talk)

How to Journal: Writing Tips, Journal Topics, and More! (6 min video with great tips!)

How to Turn Off Work Thoughts During Your Free Time (12 min TED Talk)

Latinx Therapy (FREE podcasts, many in Spanish, surrounding mental health topics)

Meditations for Emotional Wellness (FREE podcasts for all provided by Kaiser)

Short Mindfulness Videos (by Therapy Assistance Online)

Teacher Talk: Depression in the Classroom (14 min video)

This is How to Make Gratitude a Habit (quick 1.5 min video by Daniel Pink)


Websites and Other Media

Good News Network: Good news, good talks, good gifts - all the time! 

Grateful: A gratitude journaling App.

Greater Good in Education: Practices for cultivating the social and emotional well-being of school staff members.

Happify: Science-based activities and games to overcome negative thoughts, stress, and life's challenges.

Headspace: Full of meditation, sleep and exercise articles, videos and resources

Kaiser's Thriving Schools: Supporting the emotional well-being and resilience of teachers and school staff.

Our Mental Health: Website with resources aimed at reducing the stigma of mental health in the Black community

Palouse Mindfulness: FREE online training course in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Sanvello: Self-care app with clinically proven therapies for managing stress, anxiety, and life's challenges.

The Science of Happiness A FREE online course exploring the roots of a happy, meaningful life.

Shine: Self-care app with daily positive messages, meditations, articles, and more to help you cope.  Great journaling feature!