Comic Relief

Resources just for laughs – because laughter is therapeutic.

Video and Audio

5 Ways You Know You're Definitely a Teacher (3 min video)

America's Funniest Home Videos - Winners Collection! (15 min video of some of the winners from America's funniest show)

Funny Day in the Life of a School Nurse (11 min video by Colette Carlson)

Kids Tell Us One Thing They've Learned this Year (2 min video from "Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Kids")

Nobody Wants to be a Principal (4 min funny song parody) 

Song About COVID (2 min video had the news team cracking up!)

Things You Say When You're Remote Teaching (3 min video)

What it's Like to be Married to a Teacher (3 min video)

Articles and Books

5 Ways to Use Humor in the Classroom (article from Minds in Bloom)

11 Secrets of School Bus Drivers (with a bit of humor mixed in)

20 Laughter Yoga Exercises (article from Active)

259 Hilarious Kid Jokes (article from Red Tricycle)

Hey Mister, Can You Tie My Shoes? (A humorous trip through a normal school year, written by a Playground Supervisor)

The New Yorker Book of Teacher Cartoons

Using Humor in the Classroom (article from Edutopia)

The Science Behind Laughter

Stress Relief from Laughter

The Health Benefits of Laughter

What's So Funny? The Science of Why We Laugh (Scientific American)